How To's

How To Apply

Step 1: Brush a light coat of ‘LAMIAE bond’ on natural lashes. (Alternatively you can place the bond directly on the lash segment) 

Step 2: Use the included application tweezer  to pluck a lash cluster from the tray.

Step 3: One by one, gently place the lash underneath the base of your natural lashes, slightly away from the waterline. Apply wisps starting from the outer corner of lash line, working inwards. For thicker and fuller lashes, repeat with additional clusters underneath the first application. 

Step 4: Dab a thin coat of ‘LAMIAE seal’  on top and under lashes  to eliminate any sticky residue and to hold lashes in place.

How To Make Your Lashes Last

  • Once applied do not touch or play with them

  • Avoid getting lashes wet in shower or bath 

  • Be gentle when washing your face and avoid using oil-based cleansers 

  • Avoid directly lying on your face when sleeping 

How To Remove

Step 1: Brush in LAMIAE remover on to your lashes. (The lash segments will slowly become loose and fall out upon brushing)  

Step 2:  However, if lash segments remain intact, more remover may be required. Once lash segments become loose, you can gently pull it off your eyelashes. If pain if felt, stop pulling and add more remover. 

Step 3: Comb the remover brush through your natural lashes to remove any remaining bond residue then gently wipe your eyes with a damp towel or wet wipe.

How To Reuse

Step 1: Fill a small bowl or jar with isopropyl alcohol and place lash segment inside for 5 - 10 seconds. 

Step 2: Remove soaked lash and place it on a paper towel (lint-free). 

Step 4: Using an old eyeshadow brush, gently wipe away bond and seal residue from the lashes.

Step 3: Store LAMIAE lashes in the original packaging.

*LAMIAE lashes are designed to be used up to 10 times with proper care